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With over 10 years of international know-how in price comparison, scrooge offers a refined eCommerce experience and a unique set of tools for the participating shops.

  • Mobile Visibility

    With half our visitors browsing through a mobile device we have invested time and resources into making the site user friendly and functional on any browser or device out of the box.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Low Cost Per Click prices make it easier for all merchants to enter a highly competitive market.

  • Merchant Tools

    Merchants have powerful tools for extensive data analytics and a detailed control panel for managing their promoted content.

A powerful shop page that presents shop's info, such as location, contact info and shipping costs, alongside with user generated reviews. Shop and SKU page A well structured SKU page showing all participating shops in a user defined sorting.

scrooge is a highly recognized, well-established and innovative eCommerce platform which uses cutting edge technology to make product comparison plain simple and provide users with an optimal online experience

The platform is subject to constant development and optimization, delivering over 170 million impressions per month internationally. Our pages are updated frequently with great content, including clear imaging, product descriptions, reviews and buying guides.

  • Mobile Applications

    scrooge smartphone native applications are already available for all major platforms.

  • Research Tools

    scrooge visitors can compare products & prices, bookmark their favorite products, check their price history, receive live notifications and find stores near them through an intuitive web interface.

The Network

scrooge is part of the Skroutz S.A. network. Skroutz S.A. operates the leading price comparison engine in Greece and is also available in Turkey and now in the UK. Based in Athens, it currently employs a 110+ workforce and records more than €6.5M revenues annually. The company offers a wide range of user-oriented solutions across a variety of innovational platforms.

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